• FROM 11 JANUARY 2013

    Basin with purple splashes

    Basin with purple splashes
    China, Henan province, Jun kilns, Jin dynasty, 12th century
    Stoneware with milky blue glaze
    ᴓ 32,4 cm
    On long-term loan from the Meiyintang Foundation
    © Photo: Rainer Wolfsberger

    After the six-month rebuilding programme, the Museum Rietberg reopens its Chinese collection with the presentation of more than 600 objects from the world-famous Meiyintang Collection of Chinese ceramics in the splendid, freshly refurbished galleries. Among other treasures, the collection includes eggshell-thin cups from the Neolithic period, colour-glazed horses and magnificent vessels from the Tang dynasty, as well as exquisite bowls with transparent glaze from the Song period.

    Through exhibitions in London, Paris and New York, the Meiyintang Collection has become renowned throughout the world, and it can now be admired as a long-term loan at the Museum Rietberg. These ceramic objects brilliantly enhance and complement the museum’s existing collections, which together now offer a unique overview of the development of Chinese art, from the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC) to the 18th century. Thanks to the Meiyintang Collection and the collections of von der Heydt, Drenowatz and Uldry, the Museum Rietberg is now one of the world’s leading museums of Chinese art.