Indian Painting

Bequests and Acquisitions in Recent Years
  • Until 16 March 2014

    The collection of Indian paintings at Museum Rietberg – one of the most important collections in the world in this area – includes some 1700 artefacts. Pigment paintings on multilayered paper (wasli) account for the largest part of the collection which also includes bound books, painted textiles and stained palm-leaf paper.

    Museum Rietberg has been collecting Indian paintings since the 1970s. Important bequests and legacies, such as those from Alice Boner, Georgette Boner, Horst Metzger, Konrad and Eva Seitz, Werner Reinhart and other collections have created a large body of artworks which is available for special exhibitions. Since the whole collection, especially the paintings from the Pahari region, is of such great importance, Museum Rietberg often participates in international special exhibitions through loans.

    Thanks to the generosity of private patrons and donors, the collection has continued to expand, year by year. This exhibition brought together some 60 of the most important new arrivals in recent years and offered an insight into the development of the museum’s collection.


  • Highlights of the exhibition

    Folio from a Ragamala series
    Master of the first generation after Nainsukh and Manaku from Guler 
    Pahari region, around 1790
    Donation Catharina Dohrn (2012)