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    20 March − 17 June 2012

    Museum Rietberg sees itself as a museum of art, and we are convinced that every artwork has its own unique resonance, its own aura. Each object stands alone on its plinth, beautifully lit, with all the space it needs. This concept goes back to our founding donator, Eduard von der Heydt (1882–1964) and to our first director, Johannes Itten (1888–1967), one of the founders of the Bauhaus.

    But the artworks we exhibit were all created in particular contexts which had nothing to do with this artificial aura or the world of museums. They may have been ritual objects, the property of temples or kings and chiefs, they may have served as grave goods, buried with the deceased, or as tools or utensils for everyday use. Every single one has its own unique history, and has travelled far.

    In future, Museum Rietberg would like to make these contexts more visible and comprehensible, with the help of digital media. We have now established a multimedia department. Its task is to explore the application of new media in exhibition didactics and art education.

    The small archive exhibition shows some selected productions by this new department which were created to accompany our last special exhibition. But it also shows that films, photographs and sound recordings have been used in the museum for a very long time, in fact ever since its foundation in 1952, to bring to life the contexts of artworks.


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