• Public guided tours

    The museum offers public tours in German of the special exhibitions and the permanent collection.
    Public tours in English: every first Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm. 

    Price: free upon purchase of an entrance ticket, no registration.

    NASCA. PERU – Searching for Traces in the Desert
    Wed 6.30pm+Thu 12.15pm+Sun 11am
    In English: 4 Apr, 6.30pm

    Wealth, Good Fortune and Longevity – Chinese New Year Prints
    Sat 14pm 

    Chinese New Year Prints incl. collection
    Wed 18+25 Apr: 6.30pm
    Thu 19+26 Apr: 12.15pm

    'WELTbewegend!' tours of the collection

    The series 'WELTbewegend!' focuses on special aspects of our collection. 
    Sun 2–3pm

  • Private tours

    Private tours of the special exhibitions or the permanent collection are available in various languages.

    Length: ca. 1 hour
    Price: CHF 180 per group + regular entrance ticket
    (max. 25 persons, parallel tours are possible, payable directly)
    Times: from 10.15am to 90 minutes before the museum closes (see opening hours). 

    For an extra charge tours can also be booked to take place outside opening hours. We would be happy to make you an offer.  

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